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  • ReleaseProduct
    Live in My Mind
    Slow Dance Recordings
    Catalogue Number
    Release Date
    November 21, 2023

    Digital Tracklist

    1. 1 Live In My Mind UMA 3:44 Buy

      Live In My Mind

  • ReleaseProduct
    Slow Dance Recordings
    Catalogue Number
    Release Date
    September 15, 2023
    • Double Vinyl Bundle:

      • Jai Vinyl, 12” Eco Mix - Easter Egg (Random Colour)

      • Jai Vinyl, Special Edition Vinyl Eclipse Colour Vinyl

      Available: September 15, 2023

    Uma is a boundary-pushing musician hailing from Catalonia, Spain, whose upbringing in an environment of creativity and open-mindedness has deeply influenced her captivating sound. With a diverse range of musical influences and a passion for collaboration, Uma's music is an intimate exploration of emotions, blending genres and creating a unique sonic experience that resonates with listeners worldwide. Raised in a household known as "The Open House," Uma was immersed in a world of artists and writers from an early age. Surrounded by individuals who encouraged self-expression and embraced the freedom of creative exploration, Uma's musical journey took shape. Drawing inspiration from her multicultural background and travels, Uma's music reflects her deep connection to different cultures and their rich musical traditions.

    Uma has garnered substantial recognition for her distinct sound, with over 7.5 million Spotify streams to date. Her music has received early support from prominent platforms and radio stations, including BBC Radio 1, 6 , Anthony Fantano The Line of Best Fit, and So Young. Uma's growing presence in the music industry attests to her unique artistic vision and her ability to captivate audiences with her emotive and genre-defying compositions.

    Digital Tracklist

    1. 1 Crocodile 3:41 Buy


    2. 2 Granada 3:12 Buy


    3. 3 Tārā 3:09 Buy


    4. 4 Muay Thai 3:00 Buy

      Muay Thai

    5. 5 Filthy Rich 2:01 Buy

      Filthy Rich

    6. 6 Send Me Off 3:47 Buy

      Send Me Off

    7. 7 Cicadas 3:24 Buy


    8. 8 La Vidente 2:59 Buy

      La Vidente

  • ReleaseProduct
    The Moth and the Dove
    Slow Dance Recordings
    Catalogue Number
    Release Date
    April 9, 2021

    Digital Tracklist

    1. 1 Bring Me the Mountain Uma, Lucy Lu 3:19 Buy

      Bring Me the Mountain

    2. 2 Nebula UMA 3:46 Buy


    3. 3 Talking Walls UMA 2:58 Buy

      Talking Walls

    4. 4 Black Bees Uma, Lucy Lu 3:39 Buy

      Black Bees

    5. 5 Even When She Knows UMA 3:30 Buy

      Even When She Knows

  • ReleaseProduct
    Slow Dance Recordings
    Catalogue Number
    Release Date
    April 30, 2020

    Digital Tracklist

    1. 1 Overture 1:13 Buy


    2. 2 Mockingbird 3:15 Buy


    3. 3 Silver Tongue 1:42 Buy

      Silver Tongue

    4. 4 Astronaut 2:52 Buy


    5. 5 Pride 3:00 Buy


    6. 6 Standing in the Sun 3:36 Buy

      Standing in the Sun

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